Achieve All Your Health, Fitness, and Beauty Goals Naturally with the Healthies Lifestyle!

Healthies Health is now offering a 30% discount code to all new customers on a range of health and fitness lifestyle products.

For Immediate Release: Healthies Health is a renowned fitness and lifestyle brand that offers a full range of high quality products. The company is now offering a 30% discount code to all new customers on a range of their top-notch products. This new offer is definitely something all health and fitness enthusiasts shouldn’t miss out on.

Healthies has launched several new products such as the Spiky Massage Ball, the Gel Bead Mask, and the Hand and Forearm Strengthener. The spokesperson of Healthies suggests the brand has big plans for discount offers in the future as well. “We would like to offer a 30% discount code to all new customers.” Explaining the simplicity of the offer, the spokesperson adds, “The clients would simply need to email support at and ask.”

After launching several new products this year in 2017, Healthies is now approaching 10 products including Organic Spirulina Tablets, Sleep Masks with Gel Pad inserts, Kinesiology Tape, and Stress/Hand Exerciser Balls. All of these products are expected to add the utmost in terms of diversity to the brand’s catalogue of high quality products.

According to the spokesperson of the company, “Healthies is for you if you want to optimize the way you look, the way you feel, and your total well-being.” He further recalls the main motto of the brand, “Healthies is devoted to keeping you young and healthy – the way nature intended.”

 Needless to say, Healthies is the perfect brand for those looking to amp up their lifestyle and motivate themselves to be more healthy and fit. In order to find out more about the brand, check out Healthies Health on Amazon at this link.

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