Achieve World Peace Through Inner Peace On International Yoga Day – 21 June 2017

Join thousands worldwide and findinner peace to meditate forworld peace. The aim is to break the Guinness World Record for an online meditation lesson bystaging “Peace in One’s World”,aglobal meditationevent, inviting people of all countries and cultures to meditate together online for the purpose of promoting peace. The meditation will be led by the founder of Samarpan Meditation, His Holiness Shree Shivkrupanandji, a Himalayan Meditation Master, who teaches meditation all over the world. Using examples from his own life and spiritual journey, he teaches from his heart about meditation, the true meaning of yoga, humanity and nature. He shows how the pathway to world peace is through inner peace in the individual, and he imparts a great depth of understanding on many practical, ethical and spiritual matters of importance in the world today.

He shares that “Samarpan Meditation teaches one to get to know oneself. It teaches the common man to turn inwards because it’s based on the principle that world peace can never be achieved through holy books or through powerful instruments, but can only be brought about by initiating inner peace in the soul of every individual”  

The record breaking attempt has been arranged by ‘Samarpan Meditation Deutschland StiftungFoundation’ in Germany and the broadcast takes place through live stream via the website, where there is further information on how to register.  

The current world record in the Guinness World Records in the “Largest Online Meditation Lesson” category is held by the Deepak Chopra Foundation and the Chopra Wellbeing Center, respectively, from the USA, with their world record on 8 August 2014 with 33.061 participants (Source: The current world record attempt is not seen as a competition but as an event to promote the good cause of global meditation as a whole.

Samarpan Trust in the UK offers free meditation sessions at centresin the UK and says the online meditation will be “an experience that is unique and of enormous benefit to all who take part“.

Samarpan Meditation originates from the DhyanYog lineage and is an ancient yet simple meditation that stills the mind and leads you inwards to discover deep peace, happiness and satisfaction within. It is beyond religion, race, status, geographical boundaries and is always taught for free. The Samarpan Trust in the UK organises free meditation and retreats in centres across England and Wales and has a developing retreat centre near Melton, Leicestershire. Samarpan Meditation is practiced world-wide. In India itself, about 3.5 million people practice Samarpan Meditation and there are meditation centres in Canada, USA, Peru, Brazil, Germany, South Africa and other African countries, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Australia and New Zealand.

Make International Yoga Day extra special by getting actively involved. To show your support for world peace and collectively work towards breaking the Guinness World Record on 21 June, individuals locally and across the globe are invited to join the one hour online meditation by registering at:  or to find out more about Samarpan Meditation at

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