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Irvine, CA –Many people deal with stress and anxiety because responsibilities at home and work can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, many of these people turn to medication to deal with stress, which can have adverse side effects. However, there is a new way to get some relief from the stresses of everyday life: binaural beats meditation. What is binaural beats meditation? Visit for a thorough review and information on the Hemi-sync, Holosync, and OmHarmonics programs.

Many people are unaware of what binaural beats are. A binaural beat is an auditory illusion that occurs when one ear hears one frequency and the other ear hears another using headphones. For instance, if a user heard a sound that had a frequency of 130 Hz in the right ear and a tone that had a frequency of 120 Hz in the left ear, the user would hear an additional third tone that would have a frequency of 10 Hz. The third tone is called a binaural beat.This auditory phenomenon occurs in the brain itself.

Using an electroencephalograph (EEG), researchers have been able to study the brains of skilled meditators and monitor the electric pulses of the brain. Brainwave frequency determines the state the brain. Studies have shown that when the brain enters a meditative state, it is more harmonious, calm, and aware. One of the best ways to enter into a state of meditation is through Brainwave Entertainment, which is using sound to enter into a meditative state. By visiting BitSpirit.Space, users can learn about the different brain wave frequencies. Each frequency causes different mind activities, and this website’s goal is to help users understand how to enter into a healing, meditative state.

One option that helps users enter into this meditative state is Hemi-Sync audio tapes, which Robert Monroe, a television and radio expert, created. According to the EEG, these audio tapes generate hemispheric synchronization in the brain. Hemi-Sync can be used for Brainwave Entertainment and the Monroe Institute provides seminars to teach interested people how to use these audio tapes properly. BitSpirit.Space goes into much more detail on the new binaural beats review website that just recently launched.

Another option for Brainwave Entertainment is Holosync. Centerpointe Research Institute offers this 13-level brainwave entertainment program, and it only uses binaural beats as its sound technology. Although this program can be very beneficial, it can also be very emotionally overwhelming. Interested clients can visit the new website that BitSpirit.Space launched for more information. Find out if this program would be a good fit by visiting

Additionally, MindvalleyOmHarmonics uses binaural beat technology and the sound tracks are improved by heartbeat synchronization and sounds, like breathing and music. The new website is a great place for anyone interested in Brainwave Entertainment to visit. The website has information on the science behind binaural beats and the prices for different software and meditation programs, making it one of the best and most informative websites about binaural beats.

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