Carrier Unlocks Smartphones to Use on Any Operator Worldwide

New York, United States – It is not uncommon for an individual to misplace things from car keys to reading glasses. More than likely, if they gently pat their head they will find their reading glasses, but no one wants to run out to their car and find their keys sitting inside. For those who do not have a spare, they can call a locksmith to unlock their vehicle and retrieve their keys. Today, an individual’s smartphone is the universal key for all things home and auto. From an app to the touch of a button they can activate and deactivate alarms, turn on and off lights and start their car before stepping in. However, what happens an individual cannot unlock their smartphone? UnlockAuthority has the solution.

UnlockAuthority is the solution to unlocking an individual’s smartphone in three easy steps! To begin, an individual will fill out the service form on the homepage. Once that form has been completed, the consumer will receive an email with the code or confirmation. The final step is to then enter the code and the smartphone is unlocked! UnlockAuthority has taken the aggravation out of being on the phone with customer service for hours attempting to communicate the problem with no solution for a small fee.

UnlockAuthority offers a service like no other that not only raises questions out of curiosity, but concerns as well. The biggest concern brought to the company’s attention by consumers is whether or not the there phone will be damaged after the service. None of the services the company offers risk damaging a consumer’s smartphone or voiding the warranty. Actually, if the consumer decides to resell their smartphone in the future, they can sell it a higher price because the phone will be unlocked which increases the value.

Other questions that have been raised by individuals include the average wait time to receive the code via email as well as how to know if they phone asking for the code being sent. Once a consumer has completed the form and selected a service, they will receive an estimated timeframe until they receive the code. For those individuals who still have questions, they are encouraged to contact the experts at UnlockAuthority before their smartphone gets locked!

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