West Virginians Want Workplace Abuse to Become Illegal

Targets of mean spirited bullies suffer severe health harm. Human Resources most often protects the bully. Unless you are a member of a protected class in certain situations this health harming abuse is perfectly legal. Bullying is Costly for Employers The Healthy Workplace Bill Saves […]

Law SEO for Local Visibility and New Clients From Promotelaw.com

Promotelaw.com has been introduced with only one objective in mind: To offer customized, actionable & result-based marketing for lawyers and attorneys. Canada, July 22, 2016 – Promotelaw.com are not at all like other lawyer marketing services. They take pride in making sure that their marketing […]

Victims of Pokemon Go-Related Crashes Must Speak Up

Augmented reality—now even more popular due to the release of the Pokemon Go smartphone app—has put players in the crosshairs of safety advocates who now have yet another reason to worry. After all, distracted driving is an epidemic. Giving drivers more reasons to be persuaded […]