Dynamic Author And Life Coach Says “Take Your Power Back”

Evelyn Ryan is the subject of a new documentary called EMPATH New York, NY – Nationally syndicated talk show host Frank MacKay today announced the release of Empath, a documentary film about the life of author and life coach, Evelyn Ryan from Stockton, California. The […]

Victim Of Racial Discrimination Publishes Shocking Amazon Kindle Book

Ex-student of University of Texas, Brownsville, Subho Chakraborty, this week officially published his personal story of the racial discrimination, hazing and assault, he experienced during his time at the University. Now a victim of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Chakraborty felt it was extremely important to […]

Saltori by Andy Shaw Goes Beyond Positive Thinking

Psychology expert Andy Shaw answers questions from all over the world, explaining that his self-appreciative psychological plan goes further than just adopting a positive mindset towards life. Launched simply 2 years back, Andy Shaw’s self-appreciative psychological theories, released under the all-encompassing ‘Saltori Thinking System’ has […]

Sarasota and the Gulf Coast Welcome America Gives Realty Group

United States, March 20, 2016 (americagivesrealty.com) Sarasota and Florida’s Gulf Coast has officially opened its doors to America Gives Realty Group, an organization that is committed to giving back to members of society who have dedicated their lives in the service of others and of […]

Flood Report

Major Flaws in Floods Post-situation Management Strategic Frameworks—Indicates UNESCO Ascribed DESPO Report on Post-floods Situation 2014.

The first DESPO report indicates major flaws in post-disaster policy frameworks, particularly, the lack of provisional protocols for the marginalized groups, especially the disables, pregnant women and the older persons caught in the catastrophic havocs. Extraordinary focused target must be clinched for the displaced children. […]