Immerse UK Expands to European Market to Excite New Customers with 3D Camera Technology

London, UK –Immerse UK, an authorised Matterport local reseller, is now expanding to the European market. This company’s success in the United Kingdom has encouraged serious growth, and customers in other European countries are excited for the opportunity to use the innovative 3D technology.

Immerse UK gives customers the ability to use 3D camera technology to show rooms and spaces. Most companies use photographs to show rooms, but photographs are only 2D and do not give an accurate representation of the size of the space and what it really looks like. Businesses now can use this innovative 3D technology to transform any room or space into an interactive walk-through tour.

Immerse UK is a Matterport local reseller. Matterport is camera technology that captures panoramic shots as well as 3D information. What is unique about Matterport compared to a regular camera? It combines photographic data with 3D information to create a realistic 3D model that can even show true colors and textures.

This technology provides a completely immersive experience. The footage taken with a Matterport Pro Camera looks just like high quality video footage, except the viewer chooses what scene to view. The viewer also gets a 360-degree view of the space at eye level, so it feels more like a virtual experience rather than a slideshow or video.

Some new technology is almost impossible to use, because it takes hours of reading through instructions or practicing to learn how to use it. However, Immerse UK’s Matterport Pro Camera requires no training, because there is only one button on the camera: the on button. For some professional cameras, the photographer has to set the aperture, shutter-speed and ISO. The Matterport Pro Camera chooses the appropriate camera settings by itself, making it extremely quick and easy to use. This also means that fancy lighting is not required to get great shots.

Matterport technology is perfect for people who work in commercial real estate, event planning, retail, architecture or any other field. Allbusiness people could benefit from not only showing a client a space, but also allowing the client to experience the space firsthand.

With such innovative technology that is beneficial to any business owner, it is not surprising that Immerse UK is capatilising on the technology. European customers are highly anticipating their expansion to the European market. At last, European businesses will have the chance to impress their clients with online 3D tours of spaces that at one time could only be seen through 2D photographs.

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