Slick Solutions Introduces Motion Sensor Wall Switch

Denver, Colorado: Slick Solutions online store has added a new product to its inventory in the way of a Motion Sensor Wall Switch. Designed to make home life a little easier, this innovative product uses passive infrared technology to monitor a room for occupancy. Any movement in the room will cause the detector to register the movement and energize the lighting. The light will remain on as long as there is noise or an occupant moving in the room.

According to Howard Blackwell, Slick Solutions’ founder and CEO, the switch eliminates quite a few headaches associated with standard wall switches. “The Motion Sensor Wall Switch solves a number of problems,” he says. “For example, if you ever have to enter a dark room and end up stumbling around to find the light switch, or if you walk into a room with your hands full and can’t quite get at the switch, this is the perfect solution. It’s also a great way to save energy, because you won’t have your lights on in empty rooms.”

Once the switch has been installed, the settings can be adjusted to suit the buyer’s needs. The time dial can be changed to turn the light off anywhere between 15 seconds to 30 minutes after it stops detecting any motion. The light dial can also be adjusted to let the sensor know that it should stay off if there’s sufficient light in the room. And the switch can easily be turned off and on manually.

Slick Solutions specializes in innovative products at competitive prices that solve problems at home, at work, or in any situations that needs a solution.

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