The Rhythms of life announces Alternative Medicine relieving the Opioid Crisis

California and Missouri: The Rhythms of life, a US based global startup, dedicated to the renewed propagation of Time tested, centuries old medical knowledge, based on Indian and Chinese health systems to provide alternatives to chemical medicines and even surgery, is announcing a major push to make its experts and herbal natural supplements available in the service of battling the addiction and Opioid crisis in our country.


Prad Sabharwal, Founder and CEO of the Rhythms of Life said,” People, families and government agencies dealing with the Opioid crisis in particular and addiction in general are overwhelmed both by lack of provable solutions and the financial toll its taking on all concerned. As an advanced, open minded people not using every knowledge base, especially one that has thousands of years of history is an asset that we ignore at our own peril “

The Rhythms of life has several hundred specialist doctors and experts both in Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine system, both recognized as tested health systems by the United Nations, World Health Organization. .These doctors are available on line thru web, phone, dedicated and public video conferencing systems. These doctors are in the USA and India to provide a depth and a level of expertise never seen before and are happy to bring together all resources in the service of the client. In addition, the site offers hundreds of supplements from many branded manufacturers as well as custom blended formulations for a wide variety of ailments. These include, sleeplessness/insomnia, Migraines, Low testosterone, constipation and diarrhea.It also offers supplements and lotions for beauty issues since beauty is not just a surface issue but comes from inside. In short these well trained resources take a holistic look at the client and his or hers health or beauty issues.

Millions of people now can access great solutions at without budget busting expenses. Most importantly, as Prad Sabharwal says,” These health systems are not a panacea but we all owe it to ourselves to give it a try before taking serious chemical medicines or harsh chemical based beauty treatments whose side effects may be in the very fine print or may not even be be known until lawyers start advertising class action lawsuits on TV. We stand ready to help our fellow citizens who are suffering without relief ”

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