The Rise of Free-to-Play Android Games

With free Android games on the increase, there’s the inevitable question of how companies manage to make money, and if the trend in free-to-play is likely to continue. The fact is that companies are making money in a surprising number of ways, and it’s the paid games that are more likely to become extinct.

One of the most obvious ways for gaming companies to make money is by means of advertising. Ads placed in the title screen, the introduction of the game and the game itself is reportedly a fairly successful way of earning income from sponsors.

There’s also what’s called the ‘micro-transaction’ model. Players are encouraged to buy small items for low prices – some items going for less than a dollar, rarely more than five. The items made available are likely to tempt the player because they will add to the intensity of the game, for example, by giving the player more power.

Dmitri Mihailovich, who operates a site where gamers can download their games for free, has his own opinions about how much money goes into the free games: “In my experience, only a really small percentage of players spend any money on the game. In fact, I would estimate that figure to be no more than 5%.”

Yet developers seem happy enough to want to pursue the free-to-play model, so it would appear that the few players willing to spend money must be spending a lot.

As for what’s new and exciting in free Android games, that all depends on your personal preference. “There are just so many coming out on a daily basis; it’s incredible how much there is to choose from,” says Dmitri.

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