USA Botox Directory Reaches More Potential Customers Through Their New Website

Dallas, TX — Botox is an ever-growing trend that started to gain popularity when it was approved by the FDA for cosmetic use over ten years ago. While Botox is still being used to make wrinkles disappear, it may be surprising to learn that botox is now being used in new and beneficial ways. No matter the reason, if there is a person interested in getting Botox, they can easily find a practice in their area with the new website being developed by the USA Botox Directory.  

The USA Botox Directory promises to refer people to the best Botox practices throughout the nation. They have developed their list through extensive research and patient’s positive feedback, making the list a compilation of only the very best Botox clinics. The site seems to be still in development with only three states being accessible: Alabama, California, and Texas. Once complete, it seems like it’ll be very user friendly and easy to navigate. The states are listed in alphabetical order and so are the counties once you click on the link to the state. USA Botox Directory’s new website is sure to increase traffic and grow the company’s name while also helping many people get their Botox needs met.

Botox was originally discovered in the 1980s when an ophthalmologist was looking for a cure for cross-eyedness, but discovered instead that the drug made wrinkles magically disappear. The drug is made from a purified neurotoxin that causes the disease Botulism, and it works by paralyzing the muscle that it is injected to. The procedure only takes a matter of minutes and is effective up to four months. The side effects are minimal with only very slim chances of developing headaches or droopy eyes and a slightly higher chance of bruising around the area.

It is recommended that patients do not rub the area of injection for 12 hours and that patients should not lie down within the hour after injection. While it’s use of making people look youthful is still popular, Botox has been discovered to help a variety of other problems. It can treat excessive sweating, overactive bladders, and chronic migraines. With its continued use, doctors and scientists will better understand the drug to know the full extent of the dangers and benefits Botox offers.   

Botox is a growing commodity, so providing a resource where people can access the best available options is a smart concept. While the site is still under construction, users can expect that it is going to only cater to the cosmetic use of the drug. If interested in keeping up a youthful appearance, check out the practices listed in the USA Botox Directory.

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